How You Ask Matters

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Turning Negotiation Styles into Strategies


How You Ask Matters

In negotiation, people often think it is about getting what they want from their counterparts. Yet, few understand what they want themselves. Fewer yet understand how to ask for what they want. Whether you love negotiating or hate it or fall in between, how we ask for things matters in life and in business. So, who are you as a negotiator? How do you typically ask for what you want or do you? What language do you tend to use? What language do others use that triggers you to respond either favorably or unfavorably? This book takes a deeper look at how we ask, how others may perceive it, and shares ways to use the different negotiation styles to get more of what you want from every negotiation.

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About the Author

Christine McKay is a Business Negotiation Strategist, international speaker, host of In the Venn Zone podcast, and author of Why Not Ask? A Conversation about Getting More. Ms. McKay holds a Harvard MBA and is the CEO/Founder of Venn Negotiation. She has negotiated with more than half of the Fortune 100 & hundreds of small and mid-sized companies across 53 countries.
She loves leveling the playing field for her clients and empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to ask for more of what they want and shows them how to get it. Her mission is to reduce business failure rates by helping people elevate their negotiation skills!

A homeless, unwed teen mom, and on welfare for nearly a decade, McKay renegotiated her life. Born and raised in a rural community in Montana, she ultimately earned her MBA from Harvard University. After divorcing her first husband and being a single mom for a while, McKay has been married to the love of her life for nearly 30 years and is a proud mom to her three grown children.

"Negotiation isn't about winning. It's a conversation about a relationship, and you can't 'win' a relationship."


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